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10 Self-care Ideas At Home


It's easy to feel like our lives have literally hit pause in recent times, and while we 'wait' the pandemic out, there are ways to keep our spirits up, get motivated, and still feel like we're moving ahead.

If you're feeling flat or not at your best, then its even more crucial to exercise self-care to keep looking after your physical, mental and emotional health.

Self-care in these times may feel even more challenging than usual. it's easy to allows stress, fear and inertia to creep in. That's why small and achievable wins can help keep you moving forward.

Here are a few ideas you incorporate throughout your day, from morning to evening, to feel accomplished and better about yourself.


1. Start a Journal

This can be a gratitude journal to write three things that make you happy that day. A blank journal to write down your thoughts, worries and concerns on paper can help you feel more calm. Bullet journals are great for quick brief notes and only take a few minutes. Or complete a 30 day Move Your Mood Journal or Workbook, with exercises designed to lift your mood and mindset.

2. Enjoy Your Favourite Beverage

Start the day with your favourite morning drink. Nourishing your senses with a soothing drink, will give your endorphins a boost, and as you sip and take comfort in the taste, it will help you be present in the moment, and leave you more centered.


3. Say Affirmations Out Loud

Be your biggest cheerleader. Saying positive affirmations about yourself will create an optimistic and empowering mindset to keep you motivated for the day ahead. Use affirmations that resonate with you with our selection of affirmation cards and place them around your space as little reminders. 


4. Get Crafty

Science tells us when we are engrossed in a task we enjoy that links our hands and minds, our brain waves decrease, and we become more calm. Don't have a hobby? Why not try something new. An easy way to get started is with our activity sets.


5. Connect With Friends & Family

Whether that's virtually by phone or video, touching base will friends and loved ones will help you feel connected and help you get out of your own headspace. If you live with others, set aside time to share a cuppa, or play a game for family time.

6. Burn a Candle or Essential Oils

Nice smells can make your space more cosy and can have a relaxing and rejuvenating effect for you. Essential oils can soothe, rejuvenate, reduce stress, aid sleep or relax and unwind, and just make your place smell lovely. 

7. Do an Online Course

When we are continually learning, we feel like we are moving forward, which helps beat the inertia of feeling like you can no longer pursue your goals or dreams

8. Take a Walk, an Online Exercise Video or Yoga

Getting exercise and changing the environment in, even for a bit can improve your mindset. 

9. Pamper Yourself

Just because you're at home doesn't mean you can't indulge in a relaxing bath or a refreshing facemask.



10. Fall Asleep to a Yoga Nindra

Meditation is a great way to relax but if its not your cup of tea, then a calm soothing notes of a yoga nindra will lull you to sleep, particularly if you have trouble sleeping. A personal favourite of mine is Yoga Nindra Guided Sleep Meditation.


Remember, self-care doesn't have to be extravagant to work. 

Practicing mindful, self-care will help you get through the challenging days ahead - try it today.


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Photo by Madison Inouye from Pexels.
Content inspiration @theselfcarekit




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