Benefits of using Affirmations with your Kids – String Box and Bow

Benefits of using Affirmations with your Kids

Benefits of using Affirmations with your Kids

What are the benefits of using Affirmation Cards with Children? The creators of Children's Affirmation Card Sets at Positive Mind, Open Heart share their insights on the benefits you and your children will get from this worthwhile practice.

Affirmations can assist with your child's emotional well being, anxiety, enhance their self esteem, confidence and positive self talk. When a child's level of self esteem is increased it helps build their resilience to bullying and other negative life situations and events.  

Affirmation Cards Help With:

  • Feelings of Anxiety   
  • Developing Resilience to Bullying   
  • Improving on Low Self Esteem   
  • Creating Positive Self Talk   
  • Increasing Confidence
  • Developing a Growth Mindset
  • Encouraging Perseverance


They Do This By:

  • Empowering your child to manage their anxiety with positive thoughts
  • Building self esteem and resilience by creating a positive self belief system
  • Developing a growth mindset to enable them to learn how to deal with bullying & difficult life situations
  • Encourage kindness to their peers & family.


"The intention of my cards is to not only be inspiring and encouraging for our kids, but to serve as an opportunity for families to start a conversation about emotions, feelings, values and the importance of kindness every day." Kellie, creator of Positive Mind Open Heart.


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Content by our friends at Positive Mind and Open Heart.

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