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Choosing Your Self-care Routine: Six Types of Self-care

You may have heard that self-care is an important ritual to add to your daily or weekly routine, and we wholeheartedly agree. But when it comes to choosing your self-care, what should you be focusing on?

We're hoping to demystify this a little and shed some light on the different types of self-care you may want to consider adding to your routine.


1. Physical Self-care

This is perhaps the one most talked about and often refers to eating well, getting enough sleep and exercise to look after your physical well being. Exercise and sleep is perhaps more important now while in pandemic. We sleep better when we are relaxed and a Yoga Nindra can help lull us to sleep. Exercise doesn't have to include vigorous exercise, the key is, it should be something you enjoy and doesn't feel like an obligation. 

Ideas: going for hikes, yoga, dance, rock climbing, yoga nindra

2. Emotional Self-care

This is looking after your emotions and checking in with yourself on how you are feeling. Do you bottle up your emotions and frustrations? Do you take time to work through your emotions, process them and give them a voice or a place to rest. The more you are aware of your emotions and your way of handling them, the easier it is to manage them. Listen to your self-talk, are prone to beating yourself up? As that will affect how you feel about yourself. An easy way to shift is to think of yourself as an advisor and cheerleader, and use affirmation cards to start training rewiring your mind to be more positive.

Ideas: journaling, meditation, painting, writing, as well as affirmation cards which can help to train ourselves to think differently,  

3. Spiritual Self-care

This is less about religion but more about nourishing your soul and striving for inner peace to find purpose and meaning in your life. 

Ideas: spending time in nature, helping others or donating to a cause you belive in.

4. Intellectual Self-care

Do something you enjoy that nourishes and challenges your mind. Expand your knowledge by learning a new skill, craft, hobby or a vocation.

Ideas: reading, listening to podcasts, learning a new language, watching documentaries

5. Social Self-care

Connections and social bonds are important. We are social creatures, and while this will look different for everyone because we like to socialise to different degrees and different ways, it is important to us all to nurture the relationships with the people we choose to have in our life. Who you surround yourself with will have a huge impact on how you feel about yourself, so choose positivity and people that give you energy and make your feel good about the world.

Ideas: spending time with loved ones, reconnecting with an old friend, striking up a conversation with a stranger, spending a few minutes a day on the phone with friends, family or work colleagues (not talking work).

6. Sensory Self-care

Nourish your senses - sight, smell, touch, sound which is an effective way to bringing your mind to the present, embracing mindfulness and helping you lower your stress levels.

Ideas: burning scented candles, listening to soothing music, taking a warm bath.

Develop Your Self-care Plan 

Everyone's self-care plan will be different as we all have different needs. The best place to start is to begin with self-reflection and identifying your self-care needs.

Write down on a piece of paper which areas you feel you neglect and which you should focus on, and ensure you incorporate an aspect of these in your weekly routines. Ideally your weekly routine should address all of six areas of self-care to complement your whole wellbeing.

It's so important to look after ourselves in this current climate, and self-care should be a priority. If we don't, who will?


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Source: TheSelf_CareKit
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