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Say hello to a calmer, more grounded happier you!

We all need a little self-care.

It nourishes the soul, replenishes tired bodies and rejuvenates wary minds, to help us be the best versions of ourselves.




Guide to a Holistic Self-Care Routine


***40 Self-care Ideas - Weekly and Daily Planner - Free digital download - Easily printable***



Not all self-care routines are created equal.

We often pamper the body and neglect to look after other areas, like our emotional well-being, social connectedness and our minds.


Our Holistic Self-Care Planner is designed to help you create the self-care routine that is right for you.

Based on six types of self-care, it lets you identify the areas where you are lacking and create activities to restore the balance.





Benefits of using this guide


''Carve out and claim the time to care for yourself

and kindle your own fire"  ~ Amy Ippoliti


The Holistic Self-Care Planner simple and easy to follow, and helps you create a self-care routine that looks after your whole well being, physical, mental and emotional health for a happier you.


This guide will:



you to  six types of self-care


Help you

find the right activities to include in your routine


Inspire you

with 40+ self-care ideas to try



a holistic self-care routine you can stick to


Plan your self-care

with a daily and weekly self-care checklist



you with inspirational quotes along the way.


for a more rejuvenated you!


Get started today! Its free!


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